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tsunami damage to myanmar and its reefs

we are planning on visiting myanmar and also diving its waters via thailand (rangon) departure in April. Has anyone heard about damage to the country or its reefs from the tsunami?

tsunami damage to myanmar and its reefs

Currently the government are reporting little bar the 90 odd dead but news is leaking out about battered coastlines %26amp; possiblilties of a greater death toll. The governemnt is currently monitoring all emails out of Myanmar so information is restricted, aid offered by the Chinese has been turned down.

Inle Princess Resort, Inle Lake

This resort is absolutely heaven on earth. The service is impeccable and the staff is very friendly. Spacious, luxurious bungalows on stilts and a main building with a great bar and restaurant. Managed by Burmese woman and her French husband. Hotel is one of three owned by her father. They are in process of building a new spa facility and rumor has it they are negotiating an affiliation with Aman Resorts chain. The lake is magical. Boat trips to villages around the 20+ mile long lake are amazing. Vistas are spectacular. Hard to get to location, but it is definitely worth it. Jane Fonda and Mick Jagger are some of their recent guests.

Inle Princess Resort, Inle Lake

Hello, Do you have a few digital pictures that you could e-mail me of this resort? I am going to Myanmar the first part of May on a mission trip for 2 weeks. On my way home I would like to visit this resort.

Thank you for your time,

Randy in Ohio

Inle Princess Resort, Inle Lake

Sorry for the slow response, but tripadvisor didn%26#39;t notify me there was a reply to my posting. I have several pics of the resort. Leave me your email address and I can send them to you.

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    (1) How do I get a VISA for Myanmar?

    (2) I hear that they are doing Electronic Visas?

    (3) Can anyone recommend a company that I can

    get a Visa from online?

    (4) Any other info on getting a Visa for Myanmar would be greatly appreciated!

    With thanks


    If you want to handle the details yourself, go to

    for a printable copy of the application form and details on how to apply.

    There are a number of companies that will do this for you, for a fee. Do a search under visas for Myanmar.


    I just got my visa. No need to pay extra for a company to do it for you. Go to, download the application, attach the required photos and send it to the embassy in DC. I sent mine by priority mail and enclosed an express mail return envelope and I got it back within 6 days!

    I am pretty late in replying. But to answer for the others who has got similar questions on Myanmar (BURMA) Visa, hopefully this is helpful.

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  • Flights within Myanmar

    I am planning a trip to Myanmar but can%26#39;t find a convenient way to make reservations for the internal flights . The only method I have found is by e mail with travel agencies in Myanmar. Is there any agent in the US that you can talk to on the phone and book reservations?

    Flights within Myanmar

    Hi, I have tried the same thing myself but have been advised that the only way to get flights is to turn up at Bangkok %26amp; book from there - or wait til you are in Myanmar %26amp; then book - if you find a different way let me know I am trying the same thing but from UK.

    Flights within Myanmar

    The reasons for the difficulty are that credit cards are not accepted in Myanmar and visitors need to have a visa ahead of time. I recommend you contact Diethelm Travel%26#39;s office in Bangkok and see if they can help you. They have a website with contact info. We were on a tour that used them as the Thai/Myanmar local agency. They booked us within Myanmar on Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways, and between Bangkok and Yangon on Thai Airlines.

    I%26#39;m sorry that my info will be a bit old, and I will have to look up the name of the contact agency in Bankok....I think it is Irawaddy Travel. The couple tht ran this agency were from Myranmar (or Burma as I like to think of it before it became a military h unta run country)...and they put together a wonderful package for my traveling there back in l998.

    If you can%26#39;t find anyone who will book this trip in or from the US...if you have the time frame for that part of your trip %26#39;alotted%26#39; in your other travel plans, once you get to Bankok, you can arrange your trip from there. You will have to spend some time in Bankok however....we managed to do it with just one day in Bankok, but I would suggest that you plan on at least 3 days in Thailand for all the arrangements to be made.

    It is an incredibly beutiful country as are its people. I regret that we only had a 4 night package. I will never forget a sunset from the top of one of the stuppas (sp?) in the archeological site.

    Good luck!

    Colorado Belle


    We are a reliable travel agency in Bangkok with very good connections in Burma. We can arrange air, rail and boat travel as well as hotels and private tours with good English speaking guides. We send a couple of dozen people every year with good reports. We are UK owned and operated agency with 10 years experience in SE Asia travel. Feel free to email with questions to and we%26#39;ll get back to you with good, current information.




    Twante and Bago

    We have two days at the end of our trip. How interesting are Twante and Bago -- or should we go back and use the extra time inf Bangkok?

    Twante and Bago

    Dear Souri,

    For Twante, you can see hand made pot factory and ways of life. These pots are very very cheap lower than US$50 for one pot but in europe that pot is above US$2000 for one pot. You can see the ways of life.

    For Bago, you can see the second biggest reclining Buddah image, Shwemaedaw pagoda which is 3 meters higher than Shwedagon pagoda that is built by 16 tons of gold plates and 98 meter high. And also you can see the Mon enthic village and hand weaving . And then you can see the stream engine train since second world war.

    If you like to know any informatins , please contact to me.



    Twante and Bago

    In comparism, Twante is a bit difficult to access than Bago. Bago is a city of 15 Century and Twante is a pottery town.


    Twante :

    Bago :

    kyat rate

    Doesnt anyone know the exchangerate dollar for kyat ???

    kyat rate

    last week in yangon we received 1300kyat for dollar but in Bagan the rate was a bit less 1100-1200

    kyat rate

    It%26#39;s a bit changing in daily basis. It should be around 1100~1200 KS per dollor. But I never experienced of 1300 KS/1 USD in these three years.

    But there is a certain condition you must have a big note, 100 USD with no exception will be done for better price. No dragged, no ink or nothing on it and no BC sereies.

    Hope this helps you.

    The rate I got is 1275ks / US$ on 24.Sep.2005

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